Jun 18, 2018

Book Review #104 & GIVEAWAY - Hyacinth Girls By Lauren Frankel


A stunning debut about a young teenager on the brink and a parent desperate to find the truth before it's too late.

   Thirteen year old Callie is accused of bullying at school, but Rebecca knows the gentle girl she's raised must be innocent. After Callie is exonerated, she begins to receive threatening notes from the girl who accused her, and as these notes become desperate, Rebecca feels compelled to intervene. 

As she tries to save this unbalanced girl, Rebecca remembers her own intense betrayals and best-friendships as a teenager, when her failure to understand those closest to her led to tragedy. She'll do anything to make this story end differently. But Rebecca doesn’t understand what’s happening or who is truly a victim, and now Callie is in terrible danger.

This raw and beautiful story about the intensity of adolescent emotions and the complex identity of a teenage girl looks

unflinchingly at how cruelty exists in all of us, and how our worst impulses can estrange us from ourselves - or even save us.

My Take On This Book:

The story is about Rebecca, she is the guardian of a young girl named Callie, she is the young daughter of her cousin and best friend. As you read you discover parts of the story about how Rebecca came to be the guardian of Callie and part of the story of Callie as she is bullied or as she is a bully. The question of if Callie is the bully or is being bullied is what the story is about.

It starts off rather slow and the chracters in the book did not feel real to me, it was hard for to get ingaged with them and feel what they were feeling. It was very hard for me to finish the book, but I did manage to get through it. I myself did not care for the book and I very rarely dislike a book I have chosen to review, but this time was a first for me.

I received a free copy of this book for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, for my honest unbiased opinion.

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