Feb 4, 2010

Why So Much Violence In Kids Movies?

My grandchildren spent 3 days with me here a short time back, and of course they bring their movies with them because Nana don't have very many children's videos. Anyway I was in the kitchen this one evening, and Papa had stuck in a movie for the grand babies to watch to try to keep them out of my hair for a bit, while I was getting dinner ready.

Well I am in the kitchen just going to town on this, and that, and slicing this or that, and I was sort of listening to the movie off and on that they were watching. Well I hear I hate something or other, I can't remember the exact words this character said but I remember hearing the word hate, and thinking to myself did I just hear that? So I started to listen a little more closely to what the character said, and sure enough he said the word '"hate". My first thought was, wow this is a kids movie?

The DVD was part of the 'Thomas The Train' series. But I mean come on, my two oldest grandchildren are 3, and one is going to be 5 years old at the end of this month. But thoughts went to why do they make such movies for this age group with a word such as 'hate'? They are learning at this age and curious as heck. So I started to get a bit curious as to who wrote this series, and come to find out it was Rev. W. Awdry, and then his son Christopher Awdry wrote them from 83 - 96.

I know allot of children's videos have words such as hate in them, and even children being mean to other children (teasing), etc. I started to think back on the movies (cartoons) I had as a child, and I watched cartoons such as Roadrunner which was pretty violent when I thought about it, Sylvester and Tweety bird, lol! I guess my question to myself, was why do we say such things in movies, cartoons, etc. for children? Why does there have to be violence in them? Or words such as hate? Or kids teasing others, or the bully taking the kids lunch from him.

Where is the love man? But then if we had just movies, cartoons, etc. that were just mushy so to speak, people would not buy them or watch them would they? There has to be some kind of excitement such as something violent, such as Roadrunner getting smashed by a rock, or Thomas The Train runs into some sort of trouble, and someone hates that it happened to poor Thomas or whatever. Sylvester running around trying to eat poor lil Tweety bird, lol! I mean I realize this has been this way at least all of my life and I am sure as well as my ancestors before me. It just made me sit and think about it, I really am not quite sure why but I did, lol!

So what do you think?


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