Feb 2, 2010

Mom's Bible - God's Wisdom For Mothers.. I Love This Bible!

Well I own pretty much every Bible there is out today, but I have never had the NCV (New Century Version) of the Bible. This was a bit different for me. I own allot of study Bibles which I absolutely love, but I don't believe I would use this as a study Bible. Now I would use this for an everyday devotional type Bible for myself, because I really enjoy this Bible, and I like the price too. It offers a paragraph or two at the beginning of each book which helps to understand the historical context for the book you are about to read, which for new Christians myself included, I think this is a great help.

This Bible has some special features that are on some different topics that begin with "Our God is" and "Walking in" as well as other topics such as "Godly Character" and "Passing it On" and "Insights", these are spread throughout the Bible, which I found to be very insightful. At the end of the bible portion, they have Answers to Questions Kids Ask for instance "Does God ever get sad?" and "Does God really know me?", and they each have a scripture reference with them which is very nice.

After the Answers to Questions Kids Ask, they have the Topical Index which goes by categories, for instance Our God Is.., and then Walking In... Passing It on, etc. Then lastly comes First Touch Verses, but here was the one thing I really did not like about this Bible, these are not helpful if you are not familiar with the Bible, but once you are use to using these, and you get familiar with them, then maybe they will become of good assistance to you.

The cover for the NCV Mom's Bible is a hardback, with a glossy look. The text for me was a bit hard to read but I also wear bifocals. I would say it is an average size text and would be easy to read for someone who does not have to strain their eyes like I do sometimes. I would recommend this Bible to all you Mommies out there, I really enjoy it.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Guidelines.


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