Feb 25, 2010

A Few Updates About The Old Lady Here, lol!

Well I just thought I would update you on my condition. Well it's not greatest news because I am no better, but there is some good news, I am still here and breathing, and better off then allot of others as well (thank you Lord). I had to go Monday for a Myelogram, man if that wasn't a mouth full to write as well as to try to say, lol! So I go back to my surgeon on Friday to hear the results of that and go from there.

I just want to get something done so that I can walk like I use to. I mean my left leg is asleep constantly and it hurts REALLY bad from my left buttock clear down to my knee so bad I could just vomit, excuse my choice of words, but that shows you how bad I am really hurting. I mean the pain is through the roof for goodness sakes. The other morning my hubby had to get me out of bed.

I get up very early like around 3:30-4:00 am everyday, and bless his heart he got me up and fixed my coffee and put me in my computer chair. God bless his big heart! I am just a mess, and believe this or not it all started when I went to go see that pain doctor, he turned me just the wrong way and I told him about it, but I have never been the same since.

So we shall see what Friday brings. I know I am going to have to have another surgery, but I just hate putting my family through that again, as well as myself, it scares me because of my heart. I am just so discumboobled it's unreal, lol!! Yes I know that is not a word just in case the grammar police stop by, lol! You all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Oh and by the way I am going to start letting guest bloggers come in and submit articles to Jodi's Journey free of charge, so if anyone is interested jump on the band wagon, right now I can use as many posters as I can get, lol! I mean especially if it is something you really want to get around or something you feel very strongly about.You can Click here with the subject line being 'Guest Poster' and I will be more then happy to review it and let you know when it will be posted. so come one and!


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