Jan 11, 2010

Yep Another Blog With Another Post About Freebies, But Hey I Like FREE!

I don't know about anyone else, but have you noticed how many freebie sites there are today? I mean I can remember way back when I first got on the internet years ago, there was nothing for free, lol! Now there are freebie sites left and right. This may sound like it's coming out of the blue (which it is), but I read Woman's Day magazine, and they had an article in there on free money saving tips, and something said post this on your blog, so I did, lol!

Which is cool, I mean come on we all like the word free do we not? So I began reading this article and it just struck me that there are so many freebie sites today it is unreal. Now I like the real freebie sites, where you really get the item that your signing up to get, I don't like being ripped off, like getting zilch after going through all that typing to get my freebie.

If it is a freebie site, I want FREEBIES, okay? So I did some snooping around some of these sites they had listed for 'money saving tips' One thing I did agree with in this article was that when your going to buy anything big, such as appliances, automobiles, home improvements, etc. "negotiate" because they can always come down, they will say they can't go down that much, when in reality they can.

I am going to list a few of these I came across in the article that I was some what impressed with for a freebie site, and of course always set up an email account for such things as freebies, junk (lol), etc., this site I thought was okay, not the best but not bad I guess the one thing I really liked about this site was the free Halo cat food, but now there again you will have to sign up for their newsletter, but hey who cares if you have a junk email address for these types of freebies, right?

This one here I got 3 Huggies diapers free for my daughter other then that I was not very impressed, lol! And this is for birthday items this site I thought was very cool if you look around there are some really cool freebies you can get for the kiddos. I thought this one was geared more towards adults, but hey if you check it often you may find something for the kids, but one gal in the magazine said she had went to this site and signed up to win tickets to some show and she actually won, so what the heck right?

Other then that, I did not see any others that really yanked my chain, so I hope you enjoy, and have a great week everyone!!


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