Jan 29, 2010

Stumped With This Adgitize Gig.....

Adgitize your web site.

I guess I must be an idiot because I do not understand how this Adgitize gig works. I click on 100 Adgitize buttons and visit those websites as well as post on my own blog, and I am suppose to make money correct?

Okay now I tried this for a whole month everyday I wrote something, and I clicked on 100 Adgitize buttons and did not earn but maybe $4, so I guess I am stumped as to how I keep reading that people are making such good money with Adgitize. I would really like to know how they are making such good money with Adgitize.

Yes I am here to try to earn some money to add to the piggy bank for food, bills, etc. at home. While at the same time writing on my blog, and sharing with others. But I guess I am just not a writer, I mean there are days I don't have anything to say, so I post humorous photos etc. and do not earn anything but 2 cents for that day.

I really would love for someone who is making such good money with Adgitize to enlighten me as to what in the world I am doing wrong, and they are doing right. I am starting to feel like this is a waste of time with Adgitize, as far as earning money. I get my button shown on other blogs yes, but heck I get that with Entrecard too.

So please someone tell me how others are earning the big bucks with Adgitize? So far this month I have made 0.89 cents. WOW! I can buy a package of Ramen noodles at least, right? I mean my husband is laid off, and I am disabled and not making zilch on disability.

Most of my life I have been a homemaker or I worked from home taking phone calls for companies for infomercials, hotel reservations, identity protection, etc. you name it I took calls for it. So my disability is nothing I could live on if I were on my own. I am not trying to get rich with my blog but I wouldn't mind making at least $30 in a month or heck even $20, lol!

So please if anyone has any insight about how people are making good money with Adgitize, I would really like to know how, or what I am doing wrong. All input would be appreciated, as long as your decent about it. Thank you!


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