Jan 3, 2010

Our Snow As Of Saturday, More On The Way Today!

Yesterday hubby had to take our cat Peanut's feces sample to the vet because we are not sure what is going on with her now, so the Vet wanted to check that first, then go from there. Anyways here are some pictures hubby took before leaving with Parris playing in the snow while he was digging us out in the back so we could get our truck out of the garage. She is so spoiled, daddy takes her bye-bye quite a bit and she loves it. Then he took pictures on his way out to the Vets office. So far we have a hair over a foot here. I love the when the snow sticks to the tress, it's so pretty. And we are getting more lake effect snow again today, brrrrrr..... It is 7 degrees -14 wind chill here in South Bend, no way not me, I am staying inside today. It's just too cold out for me now, it makes me ache ten times worse then I already do, so I stay in as much as I possibly can.


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