Dec 19, 2009

Just Some Pictures We Took

My sister was here from California, she has not seen snow in ages, because the last time she was here it was not winter. We had a wonderful visit while she was here, it had been at least 4 years since we seen each other, so it was awesome. We had a really good time, and my kids were very excited to see her, especially my son.

This is also Parris' very first snow, so daddy had to go out and take pictures of her doing her thing of course.

Auntie Julie bought Parris a new bed and blankie for Christmas. We all went shopping, and went into Pet Smart, big mistake for me, lol!

All cuddled up with her daddy, and mommy couldn't resist.

Parris is trying to get Peanut to play with her, either that they have been running around the house like maniacs, and she needed a break.

Yep now I'm tired, and I'm gonna check out this new bed here.....

Mommy caught a good picture of Peanut on her play tree.


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