Nov 5, 2009

How Hard It Is To Say Farewell

It is never easy to let an animal go that has been with you for so long, or that has been as loyal as Chyanne has been to us and her peers. Or just to let an animal go period.

I am going to miss you girl, more then words can ever say. I know that you know we love you, and that this is the best thing to do for you at this point in time. Daddy and mommy can't stand to see you not being able to walk and run like you use to, or eat. It's just that time unfortunately, and we know your ready too.

Daddy said I could not go with him today so you and I will be spending some quality time together today, mommy will cry allot probably, but just know I love you so much it hurts girlfriend. Your going to be with your big sister Digit and your little brother Hugo, who went over the bridge last summer, so you will be in very good company.

We love you Chyanne and you will be missed sorely. God bless your little heart and soul sweetie.


1 comment:

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I am touched with your story about Chyanne.

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