Oct 19, 2009

WOW!, What A Wonderful Weekend

Man did I ever have a long weekend, but it was a good one and I feel very blessed. I spent Saturday with my son, and if anyone knows me by reading my blog you would know that we have been estranged for a few years now.

But, I have been talking to him and seeing him off and on now for about 2 1/2 months or so, but nothing major except for now he needs surgery. My son has a hernia, and they do not have a phone so he has the doctors office call me, so I am like 'the messenger'. So right now we are waiting for the surgery date, etc.

Well on one of these 'message days' he said "hey mom if you are going to get me and Sam (his girlfriend) anything for Christmas we could really use winter coats, could you get us both a coat for Christmas?". Now let me just say, my son lives with his girlfriend in a 1 bedroom apartment that could fit into my family room and they both have to use their bikes, plus the bus Transpo system for their transportation back and forth to work, and right now he is looking for a job. If they do need something, and I am able to help them out I will.

I told him "yes I would get them winter coats, but I would do it now since it is getting very cold where we live already, so they need the coats now not on Christmas day, but just consider this your Christmas present". We went to WalMart to get the winter coats that they wanted. After that I took his girlfriend to work, then my son and I went ahead to the Mall and walked around since his girlfriend works at a restaurant at the Mall anyways.

Both my son and I had not been to the Mall in a very long time, and they have redone our Mall since we had been there last. So we walked around and just looked at every little thing that we could, I even had a demonstration on my fingernails to be all shiny and look like I had a manicure for two weeks, "I am like okay sure, heck why not right?" lol!

We even got to see this new computerized cigarette that is out now, since I quit smoking I still thought that this was the coolest thing I had seen since the toaster came out that you could put a bagel in, lmbo!! My son and I both were just mesmerized how this thing worked. You can't even smell the smoke, and it looks exactly like a cigarette.

So anyways I had a very good time with my son on Saturday and enjoyed it very much, there was no arguing, no getting loud with one another, it was just very peaceful and wonderful to be with him Saturday.

Then Sunday I went and picked them up and they went to church with me, which was awesome. It was an awesome service on top of that!! I bought them a couple of books that were on sale at our church bookstore that they wanted, and then we went and had lunch together.

I went home and took my clothes off, put on my old T-shirt I wear, my pajama pants, laid down in bed to watch some TV, and woke up to the TV and light still on at 11 PM, lol! I was so exhausted from the weekend I literally just passed out, then got up and went to the restroom, put on my PJ's, and went back to bed. I am just not use to being out like that, but my son did push me in a wheelchair in the Mall which was cool, but I am still not use to being out and doing stuff like that, and it was awesome, absolutely awesome! Thank you Lord, and thank you son!

So how was your weekend?


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