Oct 23, 2009

Oh I Just Detest This Time Of Year!!

Kevin got laid off yesterday, and of course as most of you know I have not been able to work since last November. I know that I should not worry, but I am only human. I also know that He is going to watch to see how I get through this test. I just pray it's a heck of allot better then in the past, lol!

I am worrier, and when you are a worrier it is a very hard habit to break. It is also very hard for me to let go and let God, I try my best, but there again I am only human. I get depressed as well, because Kevin gets depressed and he just sits around and more or less mopes. And it just makes it worse for me to watch him like this, and I can't get him to go to church with me unfortunately.

I am going to have to pray for more pay per posts for sure right now. And any help you can give, like I said in my post about 'why you would want to donate to Jodi's Journey to begin with', you would be surprised how every $1 really does count. I was just blown away how people came forward last year to help us out, I'm serious I was so shocked, I cried. We were and still are so grateful, and so blessed to have such love as we do from our blogosphere friends, and our families.

I am also asking for all the prayers we can get, that He will provide for us, and somehow the bills will get paid. The power of prayer really does work so please pray for us.

His son once again is also taking advantage of him and not paying for the car that my hubby signed for him to get, so that just makes our blood pressure go up twice as bad. I tell you kids can be so disrespectful, and I just can't believe how he can do this to his dad at a time like this.

Please pray for us, and if you can spare a $1 that would be great too. This is so demeaning to have to ask for a $1 for our "bill & prescriptions jar", but again we appreciate anything and everything you can do for us, and I have to do what I have to do, and believe me I am!! Thank you all so much!


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jenie said...

God is just a call away =) im visiting from shinade jacky...glad i found ur site, pretty nice posts. hope to see you in my blogs too