Oct 26, 2009

Memories....Do You Remember?

A good friend of mine sent these to me in an email, you could have blown me over with a feather, wow it took me back to the GOOD old days. Thank you Marge!! This shows you how old I am though, lol! It is simply amazing how times have changed. Kids today can not believe we had only black & white TV's if we were lucky enough to have a TV at all or that we did not have computers or CD players, etc. I could go on and on. Kids and adults today need to realize how far technology has come, and maybe stop taking advantage of the systems we have today. We never had Welfare or food stamps, it was unheard of. WE HAD JOBS!!!!! I would much rather have the good old days back when we didn't have computers and there was no unemployment lines anywhere in the United States. And when we didn't have to worry about companies outsourcing our jobs, or illegals coming into the United States, and taking our jobs.

We had a Christmas tree exactly like this and to have color, they use to have a wheel that had colors on it and it went around and you pointed it at your tree. 'Yes really' lol!

We had one of these too, and you would have to have a clothes line outside to hang your clothes on to dry. We use to call these Wringer washers. I even used one when I was much older, it happened to be in an old house in the basement my first husband and I rented at one time. Now that was a trip to try to wash clothes in, but I did it and the clothes were always stiff as a board when they came out, lol!!.

This is how are tests were on TV's back then.

And these are called Tinker Toys and they were the hottest toy way back when. If you didn't have Tinker Toys you were not cool at all.

Here was our McDonalds signs, 15 cent hamburgers!

I could not wait to get home from school and watch Lassie. One of the top ten shows on the charts, you would say!

And of course my very first and FAVORITE doll of all time Chatty Cathy, you would pull a string on her back and she would talk. I loved that doll so much, but I sure don't know what happened to her over the years.

25 cents for gas. And they would pump the gas, and clean your windows, and check your oil while the gas was pumping. Now it's all do it yourself, so that put gas station attendants out of work!

This was just about the only beer I ever seen my parents drink. Falstaff was the hottest beer around back then!!

Oh I loved it when my mom would take me to the A and W root beer stand. This was the coolest drive-in restaurant around. And oh when I got older we use to go around and around the drive-in in our boy friends car, because that was the cool thing to do. Cruise the drive-in with your boyfriend in his jacked up GTO!! Yea baby!

My dad had a brown Studebaker, his was a convertible though, we rode around with the top down, and that was cool! Matter of fact the Studebaker manufacturer was in my home town where I live now. But of course it is now gone and again thousands of jobs were lost, people were just devastated when that happened.

That was pretty much all we had way back when was what you called a car hop, they even use to roller skate to your car and take your order, it was too cool! You don't see them much anymore.

And we also had cigarette commercials all of the time, and especially at Christmas time. Imagine buying someone a carton of cigarettes for Christmas. So not cool right? But we did back then.


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