Oct 5, 2009

And How Was Your Weekend?

From Thursday, plus all weekend I had been laid up in bed in so much pain it was unreal. I got the bright idea and decided since I was feeling a little bit better I would try to sweep my whole house, well that was the WRONG thing to do.

I hurt so bad I couldn't stand it. I had laid on the heating pad off and on, did the cold packs, did the wet heat, took pain pills every four hours, nothing was working. Then yesterday I was just walking into my family room and bam, all of a sudden I could not move, I was stuck right where I was standing.

Oh my word the pain shooting through my lower back was unbelievable. My husband had to help me move to the couch to sit down. I am not sure what I did when I was sweeping but man oh man, I am never doing that again. The fur balls and dust bunnies will have to just wait for the Roomba to come out and get them.

So I did not get to go to church and it was my weekend to serve in our church bookstore, which I absolutely love to do by the way. I get so disappointed and I feel very weird when I miss church, no matter for what reason I still don't feel right. I don't know how to explain the feeling, I just kind of feel like this heavy burden is laying on my back, lol! I know it sounds weird but that's how I feel when I miss church.

But when I do miss church I listen to my Joyce Meyer Cd's or I watch her show. I also read my bible, or do my studies in my Battlefield Of The Mind book, which is really good so far by the way. I really like her. I buy all of her Cd's when they are on sale, or for donations of any amount, which I really like because that way I can send what I can afford to send, and she has allot of them throughout the week, she is awesome teacher, at least to me she is.

Well I sure hope everyone else had a better weekend then I did. Or at least you were getting around allot better then I was, lol! But now I can't wait to get better so I can go to church this weekend now.

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday everyone!


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