Sep 16, 2009

My Grand Babies Came For Dinner Last Night

My grandson Ezekiel has been really sick, well they finally came to the realization that he is allergic to milk! Which we knew what it was, because my granddaughter Alizah was the same way when she was a baby and tried to drink formula, and my daughter was allergic to formula as well when she was a baby. Ezekiel's poor little bottom is just raw, and he was throwing up, and all he did was cry, poor little guy.

And my poor daughter God bless her heart and soul got through it. Because the poor little guy could do nothing but cry for 3 days straight, and she would just cry with him. But my daughter is stronger then she gives herself credit for. God is taking care of you sweetheart, I am so very proud of you, your a very good mama!

So last night was the happiest Ezekiel has been since last Saturday. He was having a ball, playing, smiling and cooing, it was wonderful!

Heres Ezekiel telling mommy, "I feel so much better mommy, let's eat!"

Alizah trying to look all cool in her head scarf with Oreo cookie all
around her mouth, calling girlfriends!

Ezekiel said "the heck with this waiting gig I'm hungry, I'll make
dinner all by myself!"

"Okay you guys, you better be getting ready to eat, it's almost done!"

"Well I am not even going to wait to set the table, I'm gonna start chowing down!"

Alizah decided to play in the dirt right before dinner. What a face, Amen?


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