Sep 13, 2009

I Am Being Baptized....

As you are reading this I am at church today being baptized, along with some of my loved ones looking on.

I really am at a loss for words believe it or not, it is so hard to explain how I am feeling about being baptized today. I do know I am so over joyed it's unreal, it really is unexplainable how I am feeling today, very blessed for sure.

I accepted Jesus Christ into my life many years ago before my daughter was born, who is the oldest of my two children, and I was baptized in a Baptist church at that time of my life. Unfortunately I let Satan take control of my life and do the driving, and I went down a very rough and bumpy path in my life that hurt myself and everyone in my life.

So unfortunately this did affect my children because they were not raised in a Christian home, and I so regret this, but I have a new life now and the regrets and the pain I caused others as well as myself is over. I am forgiven, the hardest part of course is forgiving ourselves, but the good news is that I am really making progress with that.

I just wanted to share this very special moment with all of my readers, some of the most important friendships I have found have been on line and I cherish each and everyone of them. Thank you all for being my friend.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day today!


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