Aug 1, 2009

What A Journey I Have Had The Past Two Weeks!

Well it's been awhile hasn't it? I have been doing my own little things around here. I get my daily chores done in the house during the week and if the weather is half way decent warmth wise I get to go exercise in the pool. I have been a bit down about our weather around here this summer, it's chilly and raining all of the time here. I should be able to be in that pool just about everyday right now and I'm not able to, and it stinks because that makes my back feel sooooooo much better.

Well last week I had Alizah (my granddaughter) and we had some running around to do bright and early on Wednesday morning with her uncle T.J., so I had to get her up at like 5:30 am and she did such an awesome job so Nana had to take and get her some breakfast and buy her a few goodies that day. Anyway she had a blast seeing uncle T.J., because she doesn't get to see him often, so it was so wonderful to see them together. And of course dingy Nana forgot her camera.

So we took uncle T.J. and did some errands, which took quite some time to get done. Then uncle T.J. took us to a very nice park to walk around, it is all new so it is absolutely beautiful on the river. We got to see the geese, and the beautiful landscaping, flowers, waterfalls, etc. Then boom here came the rain. Now mind you here I am with my cane and my son holding my left are trying to see if we could do that walk/jog thingy as fast as we could back to the truck because that rain was coming fast and we were all very wet and cold. So we made it, but unfortunately we had to call it a day, but we had a very good day with uncle T.J.

So I go to get up Thursday morning and I could NOT walk. I thought I was going to physically get sick to my stomach from the pain it was so bad. I'm thinking what in the world am I going to do? I have my granddaughter, and I have to be able to take care of her. I couldn't even walk with my cane and my walker was downstairs, which was too heavy for her to try to carry up, and my neighbor was at work of all days, (she works part time). But I want you all to know my baby girl pulled through this like a trooper. She said "wait Nana stay right there I will get the stool so that I can reach everything to get my oatmeal for breakfast", and she did it all except for getting it out of the microwave. But it was so cool because when I had to walk she would get on the other side of me and help me. I called hubby and he said he would come home but I know how far behind we are in bills from him being laid off, so I just told him just to wait and I would wait to see how I was when the meds kicked in, which I did get better but it was not as good as it could have been. So Papa came home after work and rescued us and fixed dinner and did dishes, etc. What an awesome Papa and hubby.

I mean it even hurt to breathe it was that bad. I have to say that was one adventurous Thursday to say the least. I felt so sorry for my granddaughter because I was crying so hard from the pain and I know it was scaring her, but I could not help it. The pain was horrendous.

But I have to tell you that my granddaughter is my hero and for those that do not read my blog often, she is only four years old. What a trooper she was through out that whole ordeal. God bless her little heart!

So I am off to church (Granger Community Church) later this evening. I have been praying about taking on another project at church to do more service, I either want to do another weekend in the bookstore or I want to check people in who have to take their children downstairs or do the information desk. I just love serving at the church and I want to do more for my church then I am right now. Oh and by the way, I am going to be Baptized in September, I am so excited.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


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