Aug 17, 2009

Our Newest Member Of The Family

Well we now have a new addition to our home and her name is Parris Anne. She came to us Friday night. She has the cats in a tizzie for sure. Chyanne really loves her, she is not quite sure yet because she is so tiny, but she does play with her, she just jumps around and acts like she is nuts and Parris just chases her around, it's really funny. Peanut thought the bed my hubby brought home for Parris was hers, so when she found out it wasn't, she was not real happy about that one.

So our weekend was filled with getting use to a new member of the family and the potty training gig, that is the only part I do not like at all. But I have to say she is doing really well with it, so that is a good thing. She is also litter boxed trained too, and of course Chyanne is a big help too with going outside with her, she follows her everywhere. So this is what I did all weekend, besides church of course.

Then the kids came over Sunday to swim because it has been so hot and humid here. We had a cookout and swam, and of course the grand babies loved Parris. They had a ball with her in the backyard, and of course the camera was in the house. And of all weekends my back was really bad, it started Saturday morning and I could barely walk, it was so bad, so I had a painful weekend, but I just put on that smile and faked my way through it, lol! Thank goodness I go back to see my surgeon Wednesday. All in all it was a blessed weekend, and I love my new baby.

Happy Monday to you all!


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