Jul 13, 2009

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I have been sitting around here feeling sorry for myself for like two weeks now. I have missed my classes for two weeks at church and that is not a good thing for me. Hubby and I got into a pretty big argument about two weeks ago and ever since I have been sitting on the pity pot, and stewing over it. I have not even been reading my Bible, or my other books either like I should be. I have not been in class where I should be to get through all this JUNK that is going on inside of me! Yep I let the devil get the best of me these past two weeks.

You know, we think God is the only one who knows us like a book, but that is not true. The devil sits right there looking at us and laughing when we are giving the responses he wants us to give to our partner, child, friends, co-workers, etc. Or sitting in our bedrooms crying because we are hurt, so he moves right in and says "don't be sad, get angry and get even"! He knows exactly how to pull our strings for his benefit. He really makes me angry, and then of course I get angry at myself for letting him have his way and giving in to it when that is the worse thing I could do.

Saturday was an awesome day though. I finally got to do my part and serve in the church bookstore and I really enjoyed it. I do believe I have found my calling at church. I love books, I am good in the customer service area, I mean that is all I have done all of my life, and I love to talk, lol! I have always worked on computers and their cash register is ran right through the computer. So all I need to really learn is where everything is at on their computer system, and where everything is at in the bookstore. I really believe I am going to love serving in the bookstore, and I love a challenge and learning new and different things.

And the church service was awesome, as always! Amen. For the next four weeks we are going to be discovering new ways to beat four communication sand traps. Yesterday was The Timing Trap, stop and think before you speak, "um hello, are you talking to me Pastor Beason?" Talk about hitting home for me, lol!! I mean, it never ceases to amaze me that when something happens in my personal life, it's like I go to church and the Pastors talk about exactly what happened that past week, when it was a ruff week for me. I mean wake up Jodi this is God, are you listening?

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week this week. If I am MIA this week, I am going to get back to class, and my reading as I should be doing.


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Icy BC said...

I haven't been going to church for 2 weeks straight! Temptation took the better part of me, and I need physically getting myself back there since my spirit kinda low..