Jul 2, 2009

Attention Entrecard Users

Entrecard is no longer sending out email notices when you have an advert waiting for your approval. At least not for those of us that do not accept paid EC ads.

So PLEASE check your Entrecard accounts daily. I have tried to place ads on allot of different blogs but it sits in pending status forever on many of the blogs that I place ads on continually. And this is because they are not sending out emails to us anymore to let us know we have adverts waiting for our approval.

Please pass this along and make others aware of this situation that Entrecard is not sending out ad notices that are pending in our accounts. Thanks so much and have a wonderful and blessed day!


1 comment:

John | English Wilderness said...

This broke weeks ago and I've seen quite a few people complaining they've reported it and it still isn't fixed.

I first notice it's broken on 30th April!