Jun 20, 2009

My Week With My Baby Girl

Even as much pain as I am in with whatever is going on in my top right buttock, I had such a wonderful week that ended yesterday. My granddaughter spent this time with me and we had a ball, we painted finger nails and toe nails. We put our makeup on and went downtown to an appointment I had. She helped me with laundry, she even swept the family room for me and she is 4 YEARS OLD ya all. We did so many activities this past week, it was so much fun having her with me, I am so very proud of my baby girl.

She played outside and did some gardening (she pulled some weeds, lol!), she played hop scotch and drew some rainbows with her sidewalk chalk, etc. I was hurting so bad she even went in and carried my walker to the back door so that I could make it into the house, now how SWEET is that? She would say "Nana do ya need me to help you get up?" My heart just burst with pain and joy all at the same time. Here my 4 year old granddaughter is helping me around the house, and to get around the house it's self, but then I couldn't have been more proud of her then I was this past week. It's hard when she leaves though, now it is so quiet and I don't hear her yelling "Nana" or hear her running into the other room to find me.

Thank you so much for helping your Nana baby girl. I love you with all my heart and all of my soul Alizah Neve Marie, and don't you ever for get that baby girl.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone!


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