Jun 5, 2009

I'm Going To Be MIA Over The Weekend, So I Apologize If I Am Not Able To Stop By Your Blog And Say Hello!

I am going to have my two oldest grand babies spending the weekend with myself and Pappie. And mommy and daddy will be coming Saturday and we are ALL going fishing, along with having a little picnic as well.

I have not been fishing in over 12 years, WOW! That is a long time isn't it? I did not realize it has been that long until I just read what I wrote here, lol! Oh well I am going to do my darndest to get that worm on that hook, lol! My granddaughter told me I HAD to put the worm on her hook for her. Okay? Alrighty Alizah I will do just that for you sweetheart, YUK!

I am so excited, I can't wait. But, I don't believe with a four year old and a two year old, that I will have time to be posting.

I hope you all have a blessed and safe weekend. I will post pictures of my journey I am going to be on this weekend, lol!



Icy BC said...

Have a good weekend, Jodi!

Vixen said...

Oh grandbabies for the weekend? I am jealous. We are going fishing tomorrow too! And I haven't been in years and years either. I hope we both do well, ha ha.