Jun 2, 2009

How My Night Went Last Night....

Okay I had my first class last night at church and it went great. I got to meet allot of new gals, and especially some I have some things in common with. I am the oldest, which at first I thought well this may not go as well as I had hoped. But then I thought to myself "hey I have always been able to bring myself down to younger peoples level. It's just that when I did that it was not always a good thing in my olden days, lol!

BUT this time, bringing myself down to their level will be a good thing, because I am older, wiser and I have Him guiding me through this . I mean after all I have already been there and done that, amen? I walked that walk they are now walking, so I can relate big time, and maybe just maybe I can help someone. So I am already excited to dig in and start next week, lol! The book is awesome, I mean I feel like I am reading about my life, it's so unreal.

I just thought I would let you all know that I survived my first night of class, and that I am very happy that I got the opportunity to register for it. Because before the class started I debated whether or not to register since it was going to be $15 for the book, and I did not have the money.

THEN my friend who lives across the street from me, and goes to the same church I do, called to tell me her moms car would be sitting in the driveway for a week, (kind of like a neighborhood watch thing). I started telling her about this class I was going to be taking at the church, and she said "wow how cool is that, I took that same class when they had it the last time", and she went on to tell me how good the book was and how she enjoyed the class, etc. Well she offered to let me use her book for the class, I was so shocked, happy and grateful all at the same time, lol! I didn't have that $15 and He knows how strapped we are for money right now, so for me that was God working in mysterious ways, do you believe that?

She just so happened to call on that day, the deadline for registration, hmmm......

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday everyone!


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