May 29, 2009

Yes Again I Have To Apologize To Everyone, My Ec Droppers, My Friends And My Family!

I have been so busy with home life, reading and Bible study and now starting Monday I am going to be taking a class called "Turning Point" for ten weeks. So what I am saying is I have been very pre-occupied and will still be pre-occupied with things at home, i.e.; laundry, cleaning house, cooking dinner, etc. on top of my classes at church. I do apologize for being MIA on Entrecard and for not stopping by to say hello to all of my wonderful friends. Please forgive me and try to understand that this is something very dear to me and I can't wait to start this new class on Monday, as well as my journey as being a new baby Christian.

The Bible study classes went okay, but I have to admit I did get a bit lost on what we were studying. So at the end of the Bible study program last Wednesday the gentleman who was teaching the class gave me a book called "The Shack" by "William P. Young", wowwhat an awesome book so far. "Thank you very much Ron for all that you done for us all in the group and for the book, I love it so far." I got a bit lost in class when I found out that Jesus claimed to be God a few times in the Bible, so this book more or less will give me a better understanding of what we studied in class from what Ron told me.

I did happen to mention to the head Pastor that I feel a bit lost at church. I mean if you could see my church inside and out (Granger Community Church) you would understand where I am coming from. This church is huge and so is the congregation as well. So after I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at the church one Sunday, I felt a bit lost afterwards, and still do. I mean new Christians are like new born babies, they need to be taught and fellowship with mature Christians, etc. and I don't feel like I have this at my church at this point, unfortunately. I know this sounds awful, and I don't mean for it too, because I REALLY do love GCC, but I don't feel like I am a part of GCC, I feel very lost, and this is just how I feel as a new Christian today. Does that make sense? So this is one reason I am taking this class on Monday, in hopes that I can find some answers and learn more about being a baby Christian more or less, I guess.

But anyway Wednesday at class I gave the head Pastor a devotional I get by email everyday from, the author talked about this very thing, new Christians. It started out like this:

"The thought of callously abandoning an infant without nourishment or protection seems incomprehensible.

Unfortunately, it happens every day. Often it happens in the church."
Many times newborn Christians are sent out into their fresh spiritual life with little more than a "God bless you" and pat on the back.

These excited new followers of Jesus set off on an unfamiliar path brimming with zeal and hope. But they often begin to stumble and fall quickly without mature Christians to answer their questions, clear up confusion and encourage them through the inevitable rough spots.

And when I read this I thought to myself oh my goodness, this is exactly how I am feeling at this stage of being a new Christian. So I printed it out and took it to class with me last Wednesday to give to my Pastor knowing I would see him, and I asked him if he would read it and please consider doing a sermon on this very subject, and he told me he would read it, but that was about it, so we shall see. But what this person was saying in this devotion is so true in many churches, and I hate to say it but I feel like my church is guilty of this, again this is how I feel. Let me stress this, I said for me, and this is just how I feel at this point, my journey at GCC is not over, yet! And I hope it never will be, I hope I find what I am in search of at GCC, which is just fellowship with mature Christians, unlike myself.

I have been told "just go to the information desk and they will help you", and I am like "huh?" What about fellowship and mature Christians for me to maybe get some guidance from? Or just to talk to? So I am going to give this class a try and I am also going to try this class called "Starting Point" it starts in July, now the brochure says it is for singles, and I am not single but the head Pastor told me to try that class, so I am going to. I really do love going to this church, but I want to fellowship with mature Christians and other Christians my age. I need this right now at this stage of my Christianity, this is just how I feel. I am a little confused right now, I suppose.

But I do hope everyone of you are doing well and that your summer so far is going wonderful for you. It has not been too hot here yet, it was a bit humid here the other day so I definitely had the air on that day, lol! The pool is open now too, so I will get to get in and do my water exercises for my back, they work wonders believe me. I just have not had time to get in there yet though, darn it!

I want to thank all of my dedicated readers and friends for being so loyal to me and putting up with me and my blabbering on and on. I hope you all have a blessed weekend and a wonderful summer too. I want each and everyone of you to know that you are in my thoughts and always will be, as I go on this journey of learning about Jesus my personal savior, and in hopes of finding fellowship with mature Christians my age or any age for that matter, lol! We shall see how my journey goes, I will keep you posted. God bless!


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