May 5, 2009

Tuesdays Tips To Clip

I found some really cool tips to help me save a penny or even better, two. I need to save every penny I can get, and yes I know allot of you already know that by reading my blog. I don't have the luxury of not having to worry about how much I spend or what I am spending it on. So I look for tips, coupons, etc. to save that penny or two. I thought I would share some of them with you too! Maybe I can help someone else out that might be in the same position I am in along with many others in the world, broke!

1. For your PC, You can download a free firewall and virus cleaner from, which will give you extra protection even if you already have some type of virus and firewall program this can give you extra protection, and hey it's free! I know there are allot of others too that offer free virus protection and firewalls online. I use AVG free edition, it has a firewall and anti-virus as well.

2. Now for all of you that just love cleaning the house, lol! NOT! I found some cheap cleaners, (also check out Peroxide VS Bleach). I am not sure about you but I am using "natural" cleaners so for those of you that are with me on trying to help our earth "maybe" get back to some type of normal, I found this site to get free recipes for natural cleaners that will clean your bathroom, jewelry, furniture and much more.

3. Okay now here are two things I never even thought to do at all. Yes I know it's not winter (thank goodness) but check it out, in the winter time when your taking that shower or cooking your family that gourmet meal, you can cut your heating bill by turning off your bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans, because they will suck the heat right out of the house, this is something that I did not even think of to save heat in the house.

4. In the summer we can also save on air conditioning bills by having ceiling fans in all the rooms that you possibly can. Even if you do not have air it will help to keep you cooler, the human comfort range is between 72 degrees to 78 degrees, but having a ceiling fan can extend that to 82 degrees in the summer, cool huh? And here again they also help in the winter as well, as long as you have the fan going in the right direction of course, lol! And close your blinds too, if you have them. 40% of heat buildup comes through our windows, which makes the air conditioning run three times harder then it needs to.

5. And of course I am sure we all know that sometimes things breakdown on us at the most unexpected times, at least it seems to be my luck anyways, lol! Suppose your frig, stove, washer or dryer goes kaput (knock on wood it doesn't), "Energy Star" appliances can slash your energy use by 40%, there is a potential of saving hundreds of dollars over the life of each appliance. Now I have to admit I had my stove and frig given to me by my daughter when they were like 6 months old if that, and they are not "Energy Star" but they were almost brand new and I could not pass that up, especially since mine were both old and not in the greatest shape at that time. But if I ever have to (pray to God, that I don't anytime soon) I would purchase the "Energy Star" appliances for sure.

6. Allot of people shop online, but before you buy anything (most of you know about, etc.) well I ran across two other sites that were worth checking out, and for discount codes and coupons to for stores like Sears, Amazon, etc. Hey if I can save a penny I am going to, lol! And there are printable coupons too, you don't have to just use them online!

7. Check this out Walgreens is now offering what they call a "Take Care Recovery Plan", and what the plan offers you is free healthcare visits for people who lose their jobs and are uninsured. I think this is awesome, I mean how many of us are not covered by some type of medical insuarnce? Millions of us all over the world do not have any type of medical insurance.

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you all have a blessed day!


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