May 22, 2009

Thoughts Off The Top Of My Head

I own a front loader washer and I also have a hard water issue because I do not have a water softener ($$). Well the best thing I have found to clean it is good old white vinegar, what I do is put 1 cup in the rapid wash cycle and I fill the softener side with vinegar as well. And trust me it gets the job done. I also ALWAYS dry out my washer after each use and the door stays open 24/7. So if you have a front loader and hard water this will do the trick.

Next thought off the top of my head is how much I can't stand the soap scum on my shower walls or in the tub, it drives me nuts. Well one thing I do to help keep the build up of soap scum down is after I am done showering, I just rinse out my wash rag really well and I run it with just plain water over my shower walls and tub real quick. This helps cut down the build up until shower and tub cleaning day. Then when it comes time for that chore, yep you guessed it, vinegar again. With a clean rag and a spray bottle of vinegar and your good to go. Hey it works.

Next thought off the top of my head, greasy grimy dishes, which make me want to not cook at all! I don't do my dishes right after dinner, so I take 1/4 cup vinegar a couple of drops of your dish soap (I use Dawn) and a 24 oz bottle and fill it with water. Now I add my drops of Dawn after I get my bottle filled up, so I don't have suds going everywhere. Then I just spray my pots pans and dishes with this mixture and let them sit for awhile and the presto, the grease and grime comes right off.

Next thought off the top of my head is my coffee pot, man oh man. Hubby and I drink allot of coffee, (yes I know) but we do and the pot gets pretty funky at times so all I do is use good ole Alka-Seltzer. I just fill my pot with water and throw an Alka-Seltzer in and let it do the job. I let it set for about 5 to 8 minutes and rinse it out real well and I usually wash it with soap and water too. Bingo it looks brand new! Seriously.

Next thought off the top of my head is to tell the world, I have made that wonderful step and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, Amen! WOO HOO! And I feel AWESOME. I have been away from blogging about what's been on my mind because I have really been getting into reading my Bible and some awesome books I have come across the past couple of days. I have been thinking, how in the world am I going to fit all of this in? Then it came to me, I will fit it in with His guidance.

We will be doing some cooking out this Saturday and maybe even swimming, the pool is OPEN! The grand babies will be coming over and the kids, yes sounds good to me!

We will also be remembering all of the brave men and women who fight today for our freedom and for those that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, God rest their souls. God bless each and every one of them and their families.

God bless and I hope you all have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!


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