May 15, 2009

The Outcome Of My Surgeon Appointment Wednesday!

Well I was not a very happy camper Wednesday. First of all, I was running late, then second of all, I get to the office and find out he is running three hours behind.
So I sat there and watched the news on TV. Wouldn't you know there was not one good magazine in the whole building, with me running late I did not have time to grab a book!

So finally I get called to go into the little room and wait another half hour for him to come in. Finally here he comes with his nurse and says "hey Joanna how we doing today?" and I say "about the same not much has changed still in pain as always! I would like for you to up my Lyrica, and I am still having that pain in my buttocks really bad. I have also done something to the right side of my back and that muscle there (and I showed him) hurts something terrible and the pain is starting to run down my right leg into my calf" he said "nothing" I said "I am still numb all around my hips to the front of my stomach" he said "I don't know what would be causing that" That just blew me away!

I just sat there and looked at him dumb founded, all the while he was telling his nurse what to type into the computer, blah, blah, blah. I then told him how our insurance is now making us mail and fax in our maintenance prescriptions, so he brings out his script pad and starts writing all the prescriptions I need to mail in and fax in. Then looks at me and says "okay gotta go, I am running way behind, see you in six weeks" I just stood there with my mouth falling to the floor.

Okay first of all it is not my fault your running behind, and second of all you did not even tell me what to do about the muscle on the right side of my back or the pain running clear down into my calf of my right leg (the right side of my spine is where both cysts were at), and third what kind of service is this that I am paying for? Because your not cheap by no means. He has never ever done that to me, I mean he has been running behind before, but I have never seen him so flippant.

I mean I do understand he was running three hours behind, but for goodness sakes it was not my fault. I expect good health care from him and answers, and if he does not know, I think he should of told me he would consult with his colleagues and maybe they could all come up with an answer together, or say something besides "well gotta go I am running behind" for goodness sakes.

Sometimes I feel like I am just going there to put money in his pocket, like I can afford to do that right? At this point the only thing I know to do is to let go of this and put this into His hands. I give up trying to figure out what to do about what is going on with my back and body anymore.

Sorry for the rant but, thank you for listening! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day today!


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