Apr 20, 2009

What A Weekend We Had!

Of Course in my last post I told ya all that my granddaughter was coming for the weekend, so I thought I would share with you how we spent our weekend. My daughter and son-in-law came Friday to drop her off, so I got to see my two grandsons too (awesome), which of course a Nana can't resist right? Right off they wanted to ride their bikes like every kid does for goodness sakes, which Zakiah is still learning on the tricycle so he was not a very happy camper, lol! Then I was getting Ezekiel to smile for me but every time I took the picture, boom no smile he just wanted to look at the camera Nana was holding, lol!

We as in Nana, Alizah and Papa, worked out in the back yard, ( MY GET AWAY) Alizah helped Papa carry all of Nana's yard ornaments out of the garage, and of course all of Nana's thousands of frogs to set about the backyard. Alizah of course enjoyed herself on her swing, and drove Papa nuts with her famous "swing me to the sky Papa, come on Papa please". In my opinion he should just take his lawn chair out there and sit down, lol! Papa brushed Chyanne down and scratched her back and she went nuts, loving every minute of that. Running around the yard carrying on, she loves that.

Nana over did it so she ended up in tears Saturday night and of course Alizah and Papa felt very bad for me, so I had to head to the shower and bed early. Sunday I had to do absolutely nothing, I hurt myself pretty bad. But that was fine it rained all day! This is what I really detest about living like this, I can't even go outside and do what I enjoy, my yard work and playing with my grandchildren. It is really going to take every thing I have got inside of me to learn to live like this, an awful lot of praying and putting this pain into His hands, I suppose.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!


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