Apr 30, 2009

Well I Have Too Much To Get Done, And WAY TOO MUCH On My Mind!

Nothing interesting to post today. I have way to much to get done in my house, it's just doing it in the shape I am in, but it has to get done. Kevin is back to work MAYBE for a week IF he is lucky, to hang doors at the hospital, WHATEVER!

That is a whole post right there, lol! I get so tired of him getting laid off then he goes back then gets laid off again. It's back and forth and it gets old and we are getting too old for this to keep happening to him. I mean when he gets laid off he still has union dues and medical insurance to pay and how in the world do you do that and pay bills and eat on $300 a week? YOU DON'T!!

He has his credit cards up so high it's unreal, but he can't help it, I am not working for goodness sakes. I wish he had another career other then carpentry, at least with the union, but then again he makes good money with the union. I just get so upset with the union and then we hit heads over it. But my word we are getting older and he has been doing this forever, working then getting laid off, it's time to re-think this career in my opinion. But he tells me "where will I make the kind of money I make?" and I say "yes I understand that but your not making that kind of money when your getting unemployment". UGH!!!!!

I have to put this into His hands because I am at my wits end and I KNOW Kevin is for sure, he has to have the biggest knot in his stomach from fear of where this is going to go, we are broke, broke and I am dead serious here. Well I have to get some things done, at least I have to try. With His help I will be able to get something done, I KNOW it. Sorry about the rant, lol!

Have a blessed day! I am going to do my very best to do the same.



kasandria said...

Love your blog! The frogs are too cute! I know all about debt. Seems like we all do these days. Hope things get better for you. Clicked some links for ya! Have a magical day!

joe-ann said...

just keep smiling.blossom by blossom the spring begins.=)