Apr 2, 2009

Okay I Got A New Issue Of My Woman's Day

I am telling you I just love this magazine, hubby thought he was going to see Publishers Clearing House at our front door and he ordered some magazines and this was one of them he ordered and I flipping love it. I love the hints and tips I get out of it and I am going to pass some of them a long to you. I won't tell you about the other junk magazine he ordered, lol! Let me just say a magazine that someone of my age would not read at all believe me.

Well in the April 14th issue they were talking about ways we can go green, now there are allot of people getting on board with this "going green" gig so here are some things I read I found to be of interest and I wanted to pass along to you all:

Go Green and Save Money
Follow these tips to do the environment and your wallet a favor

What’s good for the planet is often good for your purse too,” says Diane MacEachern, author of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. She offers a few simple ways to help the environment and your bottom line.

1. Drink tap water instead of bottled.

2. Take stock of the beauty products you use and try eliminating three of them. You’ll save money and have less packaging to throw away.

3. Ditch the paper towels—they’re a big source of waste. Use old kitchen towels or a sponge instead.

4. Eat less meat Make a vegetarian dinner one night a week. You’ll save cash and lessen agriculture-related pollutants.

5. Cut down on packaging waste in your laundry room by buying the smaller-size “ultra” or concentrated detergent.

6. Do your part outdoors by grasscycling: Leave lawn clippings on the ground rather than bagging them after mowing. They act as a natural fertilizer. Plus, no need for plastic bags.

5 Ways to Reuse Household Items
Learn DIY ways to reuse things destined for the trash

Justine Burt, environmental expert at, found new life for five common castoffs.

1. Wrap together wine corks with wire for a trivet. (If you seen it, you would love it)

2. Cut a stained tablecloth into a set of napkins.

3. Repurpose cereal box liners as wax paper for wrapping sandwiches.

4. Use shabby loofahs to scrub the tub.

5. Attach a scratched CD or DVD to the back of a child’s bike as a safety reflector.



Gina said...

Frogs are cute : )

Duni said...

That looks like the kind of magazine I'd read too!
Great 'green' advice.
Jodi, I STILL can't get on to your other blog. Hubby suggested I download a new browser. I'll try to do that's almost bedtime for me over here!

take care,


ps - the little gift is on its way!

Frog Nut said...

Wow Duni, I don't understand that. I use Firefox, I never use IE anymore s I am always able to get on it. I hope you can soon.