Apr 13, 2009

My Easter With My Family And My Grand Babies, What An AWESOME Day!

We had such a wonderful time, and the weather was not freezing, it was just right. We colored Easter eggs and the kids finally got to ride the bikes that we got them for Christmas. They absolutely love bubbles, so the Easter bunny brought them some giant bubble wands to blow bubbles with, I think Papa had as much fun as they did. And oh my goodness look how big my newest grandson is getting, he is getting so big and he just smiles so much, oh I just love being a Nana. And I got to get out of this house, AMEN! It was a wonderful day, I could not have thanked the good Lord for any better of a day for us!



IcyCucky said...


Look like you had lots of fun with the family...

Duni said...

I'm glad you got to spend Easter with the grandchildren! Loved the pics!