Apr 27, 2009

The Best Sunday I Have Ever Had, Honestly! AMEN....

I went to church yesterday and it was my first time at this church and I was so amazed and plain dumb founded how huge this church was and what all it had inside of it. The name of the church is Granger Community Church and it is a Christian church, you can even check them out on the web at

You can also view more photos of the church here. You would be amazed, I can't believe this church is near where I live, Granger is not that big, this church is probably bigger then Granger, lol!

This church has like a cafe in it a book store and for the children there is a playground inside this place downstairs, the kids can get downstairs by using a tube slide, I am serious. I was totally freaking out, because I have never in my life been in a church so big and with so much to offer people. Ya all, I did NOT even get to see it all yesterday.

In the auditorium they have three huge screens and a huge stage where the band is and of course where the Pastor speaks, and on the big screens at the sides on the bottom of them, if your children are acting up or crying, or whatever the case may be, they put their name up on the bottom of that screen and you go downstairs and pick up your child, it is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

I was so amazed at the music, the Pastor that spoke yesterday and the church. The music was absolutely unbelievable, I LOVED it! I am going to start going there from now on, but I am going to go on Saturday evenings because it is easier for my daughter and son-in-law to get the kids ready to go. My grand babies do NOT like to get up early so it is hard to get them to move. I am serious, you could get them up at 7 AM and they still would not want to be ready by the time church starts.

I can't tell you all how happy I am that my daughters friend took us there. I absolutely love this church you guys, I am still in awe over this church. Oh mercy and the Pastor that spoke yesterday was awesome as well, I needed that sermon he presented yesterday for sure. I have found myself a new home!!!!


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Joe-ann said...

it's great that you finally found, you can call a home.

I added you to my links.Hope you can do the same for me.thanks.