Mar 26, 2009

Sorry I Have Not Been Around Lately

Free Pictures | acobox.comI have been busy trying to get the animals blog moved and of course I can't sit here for very long to begin with. So I thought I would let you know a little bit of what is going on with me. I have been pretty upset and depressed because I have not seen my grand kids in a month, if not a little over that. I know they live quite a ways from us and I do understand that they can't run 40 miles every week. And it is too much for me to ride that far in the truck yet. I can, but it about kill me so I would rather not until I get a little bit better.

So anyways, I am glad to say my granddaughter will be coming tonight to stay with her Nana and Papa and I am so excited, so if I go MIA you will know why. But she usually likes for me to take her picture and post it on my blog, she thinks that is so neat when she sees herself online like that, lol! And since she is coming over, they will have to bring my two grandsons and I will get to see them too. I mean for goodness sakes I have a newborn grandson that will be in collage before I get to see him again if this keeps up, lol!

So if you do not hear from me and I do go MIA at least you will know it is for a very good and wonderful reason why. God bless and have a wonderful weekend this weekend.


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Duni said...

Hi Jodi,
not seeing your grandchildren for a longer period of time must be hard. But take it easy, okay? Hope you're taking good care of yourself!

big hugs,