Mar 9, 2009

Okay My Monday Madness Or Whatever

I said I would take a few pictures of just some of the frogs I have in the house and post them, now most of these are all in my office on my library looking pretty, lol! This isn't even close to half yet, not even 1/4 yet. Yes I am frog crazy, I know. But they are so darn cute.

This baby here is an actual antique, he is a door stop. He use to be my aunts, then he was passed down to my sister now he's all mine I tell ya! Mine all mine.

This one here sits right on my computer desk because my grand daughter (my spoiled baby) got me this when I got home from the hospital after surgery.

This one was actually sitting in the basket of plants that my wonderful sister got me when I was in the hospital, but now he sits out in my office on the filing cabinet, by the plants.

And yes oh yes this is my frog clock that is in my office. What will my daughter think of next? I love it, keep em coming baby girl.

And this is one that my sister bought me because there are three of them and there are three of us girls left, so she said it goes from top to bottom oldest to the youngest, yep me's is on the bottom there. Now we sit in my bathroom along with the antique door stop.

Now as I said my daughter buys me most of them so here are a few in front of her picture on my library that she had bought me.

And this big guy here, he actually goes with that pretty little lady up there in her hat, on the far left.

Now I bet you all are thinking who in the hell gives a shit right? lol! Well let me answer that one there for ya, I DO, because I love my frogs, so I am sharing with you, lol! Have a great Monday.



Duni said...

Oh, your froggy collection is so cute! I love them all!

Jodi, I have given you an award. you can check it out on my blog,but there is no pressure to participate. Just thought I'd let you know and maybe it'll cheer you up ♥


Frog Nut said...

Oh my sweet Duni, thank you so much sweetheart, this means so much to me. I do hope you will follow me, because when I am ready which is going to be awhile yet, I am going to be shutting down the big mama Jodi's Journey for good and the others and just have this one. Now this one is going to be a mixed bag big time, it is going to be about everything from my pets of course, recipes, to just life in general. Again thank you so much honey. You know I lubs ya! God bless.