Mar 28, 2009

I'm Going To Be MIA This Weekend & The First Of The Week, For A Good Reason Too!

Well as I said my granddaughter finally got to come and stay with us since I can get around a little better, and of course Papa does the majority of it but that's okay with him, as long as Nana and Alizah are happy. I was so excited when they walked in the door I almost fell when I went to hug them. I missed them so much, and of course I know, but I can't help it, she is Nana's first born and she is my baby and I hugged her so hard I thought she would burst. She said "okay Nana, I missed you" I laughed so hard I cried, I was so over joyed to have them here.

And Zakiah has learned so many more new words I could not believe it, I kept making him say them over and over because I was so proud of him, so he caught on and got the heck out of Nana's room, he was getting tired of that junk he wanted to go play with the toys, lol!

And oh my goodness my newest grandson is getting so big, he is 3 months old now, oh how time flies. He wants to wiggle around and see everything that is going on. I could not believe how big he is getting. Oh what a difference a month can make.


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Duni said...

Hi Jodi,
the three little ones are adorable! I'm sure they love being at your house!
Jodi, for some reason I can't get on to your other blog Jodi's Journey? The page doesn't load! I'll try again tomorrow.
Anyway, I have a little gift I'd like to send you...but I would need your home address. So...when you have time, please email me at


Meanwhile, hope you're not overdoing things!

take care,