Mar 6, 2009

My Get Away

Like some people I have the unfortunate life of having to live in the city with all the other deaf idiots within a 12 mile radius of me. I just absolutely can not stand this boom, boom, boom, crap so they have to be deaf to have to have their shit up that loud to hear it and so that I have to hear it, and this goes on all day and all night long. And this is my blog so I can write about what I please, so if this offends you don't read it. I am just being up front, so I apologize if you think I am being mean, because I am not, I am just honest as hell.

And no I do not have the luxury of moving to the country because believe me I would have been gone a very long time ago. I am disabled so I am not able to run out there with my walker every 5 seconds either to argue with someone who has no respect and could care less anyways, hopped up on whatever, nope there is no way, then take the chance of getting my ass shot anyways over their music, it isn't worth it.

I have lived in this neighborhood going on 30 years now and oh I pray for the olden days to return, lol! Yea I know that is a dream as well. It use to be filled with everyone who knew everyone and what was going on, hmmm not no more. Hey I like music, but I don't believe I have to make my neighbors listen to my music when I play it.

And calling the cops is a joke, I have even gone so far as written letters to the Mayor, that was also a joke, this whole town is a joke.

This is why my husband and I make our backyard as beautiful and cozy as possible because that is where we spend 100% of our time to even be able to enjoy being outside in the summer at all. And believe it or not it helps, because they like to be in their front yards so everyone can hear them, so when we go to the back it just blocks it out. Well and I think with the grand kids in the pool and hollering and carrying on too, that helps allot!

So here are a few pictures of my backyard in the summer, this the only way we can get away and even block out the noise. Now you can't see all of my frogs but believe you me they are all there, hehe!


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Catspertise said...

Very nice get away. I would love it, but I am like you I do not like th city at all. Not too many people do I think, some are just stuck unfortunately.